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First Time Hunter

We welcome all hunters, whether you are an experienced hunter that has been hunting for years , or whether this is your first hunt, we will assist and guide you the whole way.

As a family run hunting outfitter, I will be involved in your hunt at all times.  We pride ourselves on offering you a personalized hunting experience, so dependent on the size of the hunting party, you will be guided by either myself, or by myself and an experienced professional hunter.  Your typical hunting day will start at around 06H30 / 07H00 when we will meet for coffee, homemade rusks by Granny, cereal, yogurt and some toast.  We will discuss our hunting activities for the day.  We will then head out for the morning, and depending as to where we are, and what we are stalking, we normally break for a bush lunch from our generously packed cooler boxes.  We then continue our hunting expedition into the afternoon before heading back to the lodge at around 17h30 - 18H00.  Upon arrival back at the lodge we gather around the fire to share our stories of the day and enjoy some well deserved drinks, before sitting down to dinner.  

Shooting in your rifle

Upon arrival at the lodge we usually take some time to get our rifles out and head to the shooting range, to ensure that all rifles are shot in and all clients are happy and comfortable with the rifle they are shooting.  It also provides an opportunity for us to see and provide some guidance for the first time hunters.  It is not compulsory to head to the shooting range but we do recommend it.

South Africa is an ideal destination for the first time hunter - 

  • Easily Accessible

  • Hunting in a Malaria Free area

  • Affordable / Flexible Hunting Packages

  • Family Friendly Activities for the whole family

  • South African law allows you to rent a firearm from a registered Professional Hunter / Outfitter, so you do not need to own your own rifle

Rifle Scopes

We recommend all rifles with scopes.

All rifles hired from us are fitted with scopes

Please ensure you have an extra battery for your scope if bringing your own rifle.  We do have in stock but might not always have the correct size.


Getting settled before aiming

Using the tall tripod to steady your rifle

Hunting with Sticks


We offer various heights of hunting sticks to assist you on your hunt should you wish to make use of them, or if you have a favorite one - we encourage you to bring it with you.


Teaching all ages the benefit of the tripod

Using the short leg tripod

Good binoculars will always make a difference

  • Shooting sticks give you an opportunity to settle your breathing before making the shot. 

  • More stability and accuracy

  • They are carried by your PH offering an instant and stable rest for your rifle

  • If your target is partially hidden by a bush or goes behind a bush, it allows you to comfortable wait for the right shot without having to hold your rifle up

  • If possible, try and practice some shots from a hunting stick before heading out on your safari trip

It is by no means compulsory to hunt off hunting sticks.



Click here to see:  Professional Hunters Permit - Owen Were


Click here to see:  Professional Outfitters Permit - Owen Were


Click here to see:  Professional Hunting Association - SA Game & Hunt - Owen Were

What our clients say...

If you are looking for an authentic South African hunting experience with personally guided hunts and lots of game look no further!

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