All you need to know about rifles

We have various rifles available to rent for your hunt. 

You do not have to own or bring your own rifle.



Various caliber rifles are available to rent.

When booking your hunt with us, we will discuss what you will be shooting and will ensure that you have the correct rifle.

Upon arrival at the lodge, we will spend some time at the shooting range, ensuring that you are comfortable with the rifle and how it is shooting. 

Bringing your own Rifle

Getting ready to shoot

Time to pull the trigger


  • Your Passport needs to have at least 3 blank pages (as per RSA law)

  • No more than one rifle is allowed per caliber or gauge

  • No more than 200 rounds of ammunition per firearm is allowed

  • An invitation letter from your registered outfitter

  • Flight confirmation/itinerary in and out of the country

  • Passport Copy

  • Letter of Intent / Motivation Letter

  • Firearms must reflect the manufacturer's serial number (which must be reflected on all documentation

  • If you are traveling from the USA, you will need a USA Form 4457, available for download. This is only a blank form; you need to take your rifles to your nearest customs office for the form to be completed, signed, and stamped by US customs





The following forms also need to be completed:

Click here for - SAPS Trophy Requirements form

Click here for - SAP520 - temporary-rifle-import-permit



What our clients say...

Hunting trip – June 2021

My youngest son who is 15 & mad on hunting asked for some father son time during their recent half term break from school. Having only hunted a couple of times before, and solely at the direction of my friends on both occasions, I agreed on spending time with my sons.

Arranging the trip was a breeze, Celeste and Owen Were provided a very easy and relaxed booking experience. All we needed to know was what we had to bring along to the self-catering lodge and how many of us would be on the hunt. We gave an indication of the types of animals we would like to hunt and the rest was straight forward.

We spent 3 very full days hunting and 4 nights in the accommodation. The lodge is very spacious with lots of bedrooms and a fireplace on the front veranda to braai and recount the days hunting stories, and there are always a lot of them with two 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old!

The farm is a functioning farm with cattle, sheep, goats and center pivot irrigation sites. Its size is around 6000 hectares which is roughly 60km2 with both a big variety of game as well as quantities. Owen listed the estimated numbers one evening and it was a lot! Luckily, we traversed the farm on the back of the bakkie to save my legs and time, but still we clocked in between 15-20Km of tracking and stalking each day.

The hunting team of Owen, Mark and Vuyani gave excellent guidance throughout the weekend on all the elements of the experience. Explanations of the damage animals like warthogs and porcupine inflict on the farm, the fences and the crops made the experience all the better. After all the purpose of the weekend was not just hunting it was about understanding the South African countryside and its many inhabitants.

At times we split into two groups depending on what the targets were that day. On one day Finlay, my 15 year old son, and myself were led skillfully by Mark to try and hunt some warthog. I learnt that day that I walk like a soldier marching on parade and are far too slow ‘getting on the sticks’. We may not have been successful that morning but what I did take away was that we can all learn from each other at any time irrespective of age. I also found it fun to see the two 15 year olds getting frustrated with the old boy…. Ha ha.

The hunting trip was a great success on so many counts.
1.      I bonded with both my sons individually and in a very neutral environment. They both had greater experience than me and it was a pleasure having them teach me.
2.      We were removed from the current Covid dominant world for a weekend. A safe outdoor, refreshing environment, devoid of all modern day technologies (and social media!)
3.      We experienced the South African countryside in all its glory and watched majestic animals walk its earth.
4.      We successfully hunted some wonderful trophy animals. Kudu Bull, Impala rams, Bushbuck rams, Blesbok and the 1 tusk warthog to name a few.
5.      We experienced the warmth of an Eastern Cape hunting trip. The Were family and team are a hidden gem and something everyone must experience. (although not too many of you as we would like to book for our next trip)

I’d like to thank Owen, Celeste, Mark and Vuyani for the opportunity to share this experience with my boys. We will definitely be back.

Many thanks

Dean, Alexander & Finlay Griffin

Dean Griffin

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